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ECCO Shoes | Global repositioning and content direction

ECCO is a global footwear brand established in 1963. Despite its heritage, history of innovation and dedication to quality, the brand was struggling to express itself.

It had all the stories, but none of the spiel.

Working with a small, in-house collective of creatives from around the world, I helped craft, launch and lead ECCO's new brand positioning, Moves Like You. 


Launched during the pandemic when the world was standing still, Moves Like You is a joyful celebration of movement and momentum. Whether you are 90 years old or 9 months, an amateur or a professional, into extreme hula hooping or quiet neighbourhood walks – ECCO shoes is for everyone. ECCO shoes Moves Like You. 

A huge part of ECCO's brand repositioning was rethinking how they created content. The world was going through a lot, so creative produced six months in advance looked quickly out of place. We instead favoured briefing and working with a range of interesting studios, photographers and creatives to create content that felt relevant to our community and ECCO. 


From global campaigns to seasonal launches, in-store to web to social, our small creative collective produced and created most of ECCO's creative output for over a year and a half. This page is only a small selection of what we produced in that time. 

Hard work? Yes. Super fun? Oh yes. 

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